Can’t See The Solar For The Pigeons?

Steve in Goodyear is – despite this weeks rain – pigeon free. Single story or double, it makes no difference to us. We have all the bells and whistles to ensure a safe climb and a quick and lasting remedy. Our methods go beyond industry standards to guarantee that the panels will be pigeon free and no longer a breeding ground for flying vermin.

Installation of the pigeon barrier doesn’t impact your warranty as at no time do we drill or interfere with the existing structure. The materials we use will last for years and of course we  guarantee your installation and against re infestation. To top it all, we offer a free inspection and quote and hopefully an offer that you just can’t refuse. We are constantly underbidding our competition for the simple reason that we offer an honest, genuine service; we want you to tell your friends and neighbors about us; word of mouth is by far the best form of advertising;  something we recognize after years of servicing the city of Phoenix and its surrounding area.

GOT PIGEONS? Give us a call first.

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