Robin Jackai

Colin was fantastic and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to get rid of their pigeon problem! We had a roof full of pigeons that set up under and around or solar panels. He was very prompt and reliable from our first interaction with him. Thank you again!

Matt Gasparro

I just want to thank Colin for his amazing professionalism and work ethics. He truly knows his business and I highly recommend him. He responded promptly to our request for bird protection around our Solar Panels. We had pigeons nesting under them and this was causing us some frustration with the mess they were making on and around our roof. Thank you again Colin for the amazing work.

Loddy Hansaya

Best decision we made this year! Colin was very professional and extremely knowledgeable. He did an outstanding job on cleaning out the pigeon waste and nests under our solar panels. He also pigeon proofed our solar panels by installing mesh netting. We are very pleased with the results. We would highly recommend Got Pigeons!

Jessica Gerth

So far Colin has been impeccable! Showed up quickly, responds immediately, educational, professional and great personality! I was so stressed about these pigeons and he makes it all very digestible. Super happy with the quality and care of his service!

Colleen Allmon

After comparing three companies that specialize in removing pigeon infestations, we chose Got Pigeons. Although each company gave us estimates, Got Pigeons was the only company that went on our roof to assess the problem prior to offering a solution and quoting a price, which instilled confidence in our decision to hire them. The scheduling and prompt response to our communication was a seamless process. Colin attended to our pigeon infestation and thoroughly cleaned all of the pigeon droppings on our roof and driveway. The highlight of our experience was that when he was finished, Colin reassured us that Got Pigeons guarantees their work, so if there was still a problem after a week or so, we should let them know. Although the main infestation was no longer a problem, we had another spot that needed attention. Got Pigeons came out again and happily addressed our problem. They went above and at no additional charge whatsoever. They guaranteed their work and then some! This is a rare business practice these days. We are now pigeon-free and highly recommend Got Pigeons to remove your pigeon infestation.

Jack Stinson

Mr. James was on time, professional and Courteous. He took before and after pictures per my request. Most importantly he did exactly what he said he was going to do. Cleaned my roof, excluded my Solor panels and cleaned them for a reasonable price even when working at the end of June/beginning of July. Will recommend his services to anyone that needs them.

Katherine Varchetto

I contacted Mr James of got pigeons because I had pigeons and they were creating a huge mess in the front and side of my house, on my roof and in my flower beds. He came out and inspected and then scheduled a time to come out and take care of the situation. He removed the nest, power washed all surfaces, and made it impossible for the pigeons to continue nesting on my property. He did an excellent job in a relatively short time and for a great price. I would highly recommend Mr James and this service!

Seth Aikens

Colin is down to earth, knowledgeable and does professional work. Very pleased with the mesh he installed around my solar panels. I had pigeons nesting under them and the noise from them was driving me crazy. Thank you, Colin!

Airiqa Tibbs-Ramirez

Colin was a professional and very kind. Although it turned out that we actually did not have a pigeon issue, we appreciated his time and expertise during the inspection.

Sandra Russell

Colin did great work he cleaned up my pigeon problem. I am very happy with the results. Thank you so much for prompt service. I highly recommend Colin at Got Pigeons.

Allen Herzog

Colin was on time and performed excellent work. Perfect clean up. Very thankful for his service!

Marge Scanlon

Colin cleaned pigeon poop off the side of my house and installed spikes. Efficient and friendly service.

Michael Taylor

Colin just left my house, he did a great job taking care of my pigeon problem. My house now looks like a never had a pigeon problem. I highly recommend Colin. I wanted to leave a follow up called Colin back as the pigeons had moved to a different location,. Colin will stop back in a few days to take care of the pigeons. Colin does great work and takes care of his Customers.

Ruby Moreno

Colin responded to my call quickly and provided an estimate for me right away. The great thing about his service is that he aims to succeed. He provides a guarantee, forgot how long, but he is a man of his word because he has returned to continue to help prevent a infestation of family of birds that had been living on my home for more than a decade. They are 90% gone! The rest 10% are looking frail and sunburned because there’s just no shade or comfort for them (nor food) but they are stubborn. At least they don’t choose my home for a long period of time and don’t poop all over my front porch and windows anymore. He is very kind, professional and responds to all calls or messages as soon as he is able to. I strongly recommend and reasonably priced! Other companies want to charge more and add unnecessary things to your roof. Colin doesn’t do that.

Jessica Ryan

Colin did a great job removing the pigeons, and netting around solar panels to keep them away, I haven’t seen any pigeons since. Very reasonably priced. Definitely will be calling in the future for other properties. Thank you

Ricci Hall

Great service fast and friendly. I would recommend this company for your pigeon problems.


Saw great reviews from a community page somewhere. Called him up, scheduled him out to take a look. Called him later on to come out. He spent a good amount of time on our roof. No more pigeons, poop, or their dang cooing all night. Professional no nonsense. Highly recommend.

Peter Liapis

COLLIN did a great job! I recommend him for any of your pigeon pest control needs!! I am a Realtor & he will get my referrals!

Francie Goins

We used this company to get rid of pigeons from our 2 story home and there is no way we could be any happier. He was so professional and did an amazing job!!! Let him work for you, you won’t be sorry.

Kyle M.

Absolutely incredible company! I highly recommend them for all of your bird needs!

Serena Denning

Colin was amazing — quick to schedule an appointment and he was punctual and explained exactly what he was going to be doing. Colin was upbeat and very personable. He spent a good amount of time on our roof cleaning it and then putting up the netting all around our solar panels…and we have a lot of them. Colin’s pricing was half that of other pigeon-removal companies and he was honest with the condition of our roof and did not over-sell us and make it sound worse than it was.

It’s been a couple of weeks, and we have seen a drastic reduction in the number of pigeons on our roof. I would highly recommend this business to anyone with a pigeon problem wanting to eliminate them humanely. You won’t be sorry!

Zachary Nicholson

Pricing was great! Super nice and professional would highly recommend and I will use again!

Thedude Abides (Thedudeabides)

Top notch service from start to finish – 5 star review! I had a major pigeon infestation on my second story roof and didn’t know what to do. I did some searching and found Got Pigeons LLC. Colin responded to my email quickly and came out to give me an estimate. It was obvious that he knew exactly what needed to be done. Colin came out and the pigeon nests and poo were removed, the roof pressure washed clean and barriers installed to prevent the pigeons from nesting on the roof. I wish every purchase I make could go this smoothly. Colin at Got Pigeons LLC was no nonsense, on time, pigeons removed, mess cleaned, absolute bargain! Oh and no more damned pigeons! Thank you very much!

Toni S.

I called on a Wednesday evening, Colin showed up Thursday morning to inspect and the job was completed by Saturday afternoon. I was clear that it was a matter of urgency and he got the job done in a very swift and thorough manner. When i called another company they wanted to make an appointment 1 week out, for an inspection only! Then they would produce a plan of action and email me a contract, and only then will they come out and do the job which would have taken another week or two!! “Got Pigeons” is definitely the way to go!

Ryan W.

Collin was great! He came out to my business and gave me a great quote. Much better price than the competition and seemed to know more than the other quote I got. He came out and pressure washed all the pigeon droppings away, cleaned up everything and put some things on the property to scare off the pigeons that had nested on my roof. It’s been almost two months now and haven’t had a pigeon on my property since. Highly recommended!

John Z.

Colin was quick to get back to me with an estimate, other companies took days. He was reasonably priced and did a great job. I would recommend him.

Scott B.

Colin did fantastic work at my house. He called me back within hours of my initial call and let me know that he had already ran by the house to give me a price. He showed up on time and did great job cleaning up. He did the work for a cheaper rate than I was quoted elsewhere. It\’s been several weeks since he did the work and the pigeons were gone within days and have not been back. I am extremely happy with his service and highly recommend him. Thank you Got Pigeons!!

Chad S.

Don’t waste your time looking elsewhere. Collin has great communication, super reasonable, and does great work! Being a business owner myself, communication and integrity are very important to me. Every other company I called would either not call back or gave insane quotes (and they didn’t even seem to know what they were talking about) Collin is the man! Call him….you will thank me!

Kenny S.

So, I finally came to the realization I had a pigeon problem. Pigeons had roosted and had babies on the roof of my house for years (mostly via previous owner). It was not uncommon to see 15-20 pigeons on my roof when all the roofs in the surrounding area had none. If I made loud clapping noises to scare the pigeons, they would all leave the roof at once, make a wide circle and all land right back on my roof… this was their home.

I had pigeon poop in my pool every morning and they would bomb the walkway to the front door at the roof line. When I moved into the home, it wasn’t as noticeable, but had gotten worse with time.

Colin was able to offer some great advice on what to do and came up with a plan. Four weeks later, the pigeons are gone for the most part. No poop in the pool, no bombed front door. Sure, I may see a single pigeon on the roof now and again, but so long as they don’t stick around, I’ll be ecstatic. We’ll have to wait and see if they stay gone, but I am hopeful. With a 2 year warranty on re-infestation, I feel like I made a good investment with Got Pigeons.

Becky A.

I highly recommend Got Pigeons! Colin came out the day I contacted him and inspected my issue with Pigeons under my solar panels. His price was extremely fair and he completed the job right away. My pigeon issue has been resolved and I couldn’t be happier. I work for a pest control company and will now only refer Colin for these issues, that’s how much I believe in him and his company. Hands down do not hesitate to call him! You will not be disappointed.

Shelbi N.

Such a great job!!! Even after having a pigeon problem for years and have done everything in the books what he did has made then disappear completely! Thank you s I much. Honestly so worth the investment and very satisfied.

Tatiana V.

When I got home from my after school place with my bffs, there was a huge pigeon problem in my roof, and it was filled with some smelly problem, and got for the pigeon problem sometimes.

Jose P.

Got a pigeon problem? Don’t hesitate to call this guy immediately. His service are indeed the best. He arrived asap to review the pigeon issue, did the quick and affordable estimate and he started is work immediately. I can say he does have experience in helping you get rid of the pigeon problem. He does his work in a very humane way and doesn’t stop until the last pigeon is gone. And he offers payment through credit card. Definitely will recommend his services.

Steven R.

Special thanks to Colin and Got Pigeons! The property in question was a 3 flat townhouse in Ahwatukee that had a major infestation with hundreds of birds. Colin explained the situation and came back many times over the course of several months to help eradicate the problem for good!

Sarah L.

We are new home owners and new to solar ownership as well. We had a pigeon commune living in and around our solar panels and had tried other alternatives to get rid of these nasty creatures and finally called Colin after he was recommended by a close friend who had used him in the past after having two other “pigeon” companies come to his house and not resolve the problem. He said Colin and Got Pigeons was the one, so we called. Colin was awesome! Came out and inspected the house and called me back promptly with a quote which was completely reasonable. He explained the whole process to us and even though it took a couple weeks to have the job done because he was backed up with jobs, it was worth the wait. If you have a pigeon problem-don’t waste your time calling anyone else. Colin is the real deal.