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Solar is great for the environment, however one tends to forget that one is also creating an environment for pigeons. The birds love to get under the panels where they have shade, safety and a place to roost. Most solar companies don’t advise their customers to the predilection of birds to nest and breed under the units and it’s usually a nasty surprise to discover bird droppings and the incessant cooing of the birds emanating from one’s roof.

At this stage there is already an established infestation and pigeons, rather like salmon, always return to their nesting places and so are difficult to get rid of. Luckily we at GOT PIGEONS? are wise to this and have the answer to your dilemma. The following photos show a similar situation before and after clean up. As you can see the situation looks impossible but with the right techniques and hardware, was relatively easy to resolve; all it took was a little hard work and some professional pride.

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