Not All Pigeon Control Services Are Equal

We do a lot of “fix-it” work where one company came to a property and performed a pigeon abatement service, but it just didn’t hold up over time.

Sometimes this isn’t the fault of the installer or company at all. Sometimes events of nature take place that push hardware past it’s breaking point and we go out to fix it.

But usually, when we are called out to fix another providers work, it was because of inferior craftsmanship and or cheap materials were used.

Before you hire any company to come out and take care of a pigeon infestation, you will want to make sure they do quality work. One of the best ways to determine the quality of work is to simply looks that their online reviews. If you see a lot of praise over a period of time with no complaints, this likely means the work they do holds up well.

Another really strong signal that the company you’re looking at provides quality, effective pigeon removal and prevention is when they offer a solid 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

The simple reason is that if a company that does shoddy work offers a guarantee like that, they will go out of business, fast!

It’s a simple principle really, if a company does high quality, effective pigeon removal work, the installation will hold up over many years and the provider won’t ever have to do warranty work, so they can afford to offer a great guarantee.

We occasionally go out to perform a “fix it” job on one of your customers, and it’s always because something went wrong rather than a quality issue. It’s usually a bad monsoon storm knocks something around a bit, or a micro-burst hits one part of a building particularly hard.

If you have a Pigeon problem and are looking to hire a company to fix it for you, no matter who you hire, make sure they meet the guidelines listed out above and you should have no problem getting rid of your pigeons for good.

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