Sir Issac Newton and the Physics of Pingenation

Who would have thunk it that Sir Issac Newton would have played such an important role in pigeon removal and prevention; strange but true?


The roof tops of Phoenix are not uniform and we encounter many different styles of roof tile. The most difficult to work with is the S-tile which is without doubt the most common.

tile-2 tile

In order to ensure, that when fencing solar panels, our remediation techniques are failure proof we have to carefully cut and shape the material precisely. GOT PIGEONS? has developed a method which allows for a complete solution, something which no other company is doing. By utilizing Newton’s third law which states “that for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction” we have incorporated this into our methodology. By cutting the wire in a certain way and bending it back we utilize it as a spring which then forces the wire into the hollow of the tile. This means that the tile is completely blocked and no pigeon can either enter or exit. As if this wasn’t enough we then permanently glue each piece of wire in place guaranteeing that Newton was truly a man to be taken at his word.

If you have had other companies complete work that has been insufficient/ unsuccessful, or require a company that will guarantee its work then look no further than GOT PIGEONS? By examining the attached photographs you can see how our methodology is without compare and agree that the pigeons really don’t stand a chance. For more information or to get rid of your pigeons today, give us a call at GOT PIGEONS?

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