5 Things You Can Do To Make Sure Pigeons Don’t Ruin Your Labor Day Weekend

How will you be spending Labor day this year? Will you be spending any time outside your property? Before you fire up the grill or get those pool-chairs out, you might want to make sure your day doesn’t get ruined by pests.

They’re noisy, smelly, and poop everywhere. You don’t want Pigeons around your backyard or anywhere else on your property for that matter.

To make sure your holiday goes off perfectly, here’s 5 things things you can do around the house to make sure there’s no unexpected bird invasions.

  1. Don’t leave your pet food out! People do this all the time, and birds love it. By leaving pet food you’re actually creating a small habitat on your property for Pigeons. You can also attract other animals like Coyotes, Bobcats, Raccoons, and other unwanted critters.
  2. Install bird-spikes on windowsills, ledges, or anywhere else you might see birds hanging out.
  3. Clean up any existing bird mess. Getting rid of existing bird nests, poop, and cleaning it up can prevent new birds from seeing your home as a good place to live.
  4. Prevent access with netting and mesh. Anywhere you have an overhang or an accessible shelter area for birds, they are likely to nest there. Even if you’re lucky enough to not have a bird problem now, at some point a bird will find you and nest on your home. It’s always best to take preventative measures before you have any problems.
  5. Inspect your property regularly. Remember, not having a bird infestation today does not guarantee you won’t have an issue in the future. Upon inspection, if you come across pigeons or a mess made by them indicating that they are living on your roof or somewhere on your house, you will want to take care of it right away.

The best way to prevent any bird issues is to have a professional pigeon control company like GotPigeons come to your home and install preventative hardware on your roof and windowsills. This will ensure you never have a bird problem in the first place and the work is Guaranteed!

In summary, if you take the 5 steps listed above, your chances of having any problems with birds or pigeons on your property will be almost zero.

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