Thanksgiving Squab?

Squab is obviously not the bird of choice on Thanksgiving. The President of he United States has yet to pardon a pigeon.

It is a fact that squab is a breed of Pigeon that you can safely cook and eat just like any other fowl. This DOES NOT include pigeons that may be living on your roof, windows, or overhangs. Any pigeon you encounter around your home or in public in general is typically not safe for human consumption.

If you’re hungry for Squab, I recommend maybe trying this bird on Amazon instead of the old trusty bb gun. Pigeons in the wild have the potential to carry many diseases and can also have parasites. You would most certainly be ingesting these if you eat one of these birds. Squab that you can eat is grown on a farm just like chickens, ducks, and other commercially available fowl.

This Thanksgiving, be sure not to pardon any pigeons that my be taking up residence on your property. If you do have unwanted visitors this year (mothers in law and crazy uncles not included)

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