How To Get Control Of Your Pigeon Problem

Scare The Pigeons Away

If you’re reading this right now, chances are you’re trying to figure out how to best get rid of a pigeon infestation on your property.

Getting a pigeon infestation under control can actually be very challenging. Pigeons don’t scare easy and are very stubborn. Once pigeons find a place they like, they are usually set on staying there.

Good luck getting them to fly away with a simple “scarecrow”. In fact, the only thing that comes close to scaring pigeons away is holographic scare tape.

If you have pigeons living on your roof or anywhere else on your house, you need to move quickly. There are several steps you need to take for permanent control over a bird invasion and it needs to happen quite fast to work.

The reason you need to act quickly is the very nature of why they probably selected your home to begin with. The main reason pigeons will choose a home to perch up on is the view. The higher the vantage point, the safer they feel. This let’s them see birds of prey that may hunt them down for food. Good for them, bad for your house.

When pigeons find a place they feel safe, it’s really hard to get them to leave and go somewhere else.

So we know what motivates pigeons to stay where they decide to perch and they don’t scare easily. This means you only have so much time to clean up the mess they make and put in hardware to restrict access to the places they have made a home. This is truly the most effective way to get rid of these birds.

If you just clean up the mess and give them a chance to go back, they will just stay and make another mess. Additionally, when you clean up their mess, you have to be completely thorough. If the area gets mostly clean, but still has some debris or sign of a recent infestation, pigeons will often try to get through the barriers you put up. They will often pull and tug at netting and other loose barriers. This is why it’s important to use solid, quality hardware that is installed very well.

If the mess they make is completely gone and they can no longer gain access to the area they once lived, they will quickly give up and move on.

If you do decide to clean up a pigeon infestation yourself, make sure you wear the proper protective gear. You will need gloves and a respirator. This is a must! Pigeon poop is particularly toxic and can have many different diseases that can easily transfer over to humans. Please make sure you stay safe!

While there are many products on the market that claim to get rid of pigeons, most of them are just plain garbage. The most effective way to get rid of them is to make sure they don’t have an easily available food or water source on your property, and block access to any area they would choose to nest and perch.


Pigeons are notoriously hard to get rid of once they create a home on your property. Avoid gimmicky products that promise to rid you of your problem as most simply don’t work. Your best bet is to get rid of all the poop and nesting material and wash the area with a gentle detergent and water. Then create solid barriers that keep them from gaining access again. Additionally, make sure you protect yourself by wearing gloves and a respirator, and wash any clothes you were wearing just as soon as the job is finished.

Stay safe and pigeon free!

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