Pigeon Cooing Is More Than Just Annoying

Pigeons are known to coo at all times of the day and it can get LOUD. It can be quite annoying and even disturbing as well.

They really don’t shut up unless something disrupts them or makes them uncomfortable. Even then, it’s usually temporary. Pigeons are extremely stubborn birds.

The main thing to understand is that if you have pigeons on your property that coo quite often, they are very comfortable. They are also likely mating, or will be mating in the future. Which of course means more pigeons to come.

Pigeons coo when they’re happy, secure, and comfortable. If you hear a lot of cooing on your roof this means your pigeons are happy living with you and mean to stay for the long haul.

If you want to evict those pigeons and get the situation under control, you need to make your home a place they don’t want to stay.

Shiny object like reflective bird tape tend to make them uneasy and can shut them up for a while. You also want to make any place they hang out unaccessable to them. This will make them quite unhappy and they are likely to move on.

While pigeons are quite stubborn, they also need to feel secure and comfortable. Ruin this for them and they will go away and find a better spot to roost and make a home for themselves.


To conclude, if you hear a lot of cooing coming from your property, you likely have a serious pigeon infestation. This means they are happy, comfortable, and not likely to fly away on their own any time soon. To get rid of them, you need to make your property a place they do not want to stay at.

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