Pigeons Really Are More Pest Than Bird

There are thousands of species of birds out there. Many are beautiful birds with distinct songs and chirps that fill the air. Most of those birds go on about their business and don’t really bother anyone or cause any problems for humans at all.

Then there’s Pigeons!

Sure, technically they’re “Birds”, in the same way a termite is technically an insect. A better and more accurate word however is “Pest”.

Pigeons are relatively large birds and are very adaptive and not really very afraid of people. This means they are more than happy to take up residence on your home in the most inconvenient way.

They are also relentless. You can shoo them away, clean up the mess, and they will just come right back. Sometimes people even try shooting them. In reality, this just creates an open position for the next pigeon to come along and take up residence.

Like many other pests like rodents, pigeons don’t just invade, they create a huge mess that only get worse and worse as time goes by. These pests do not clean up after themselves!

Pigeon infestations also create property damage if left unchecked. Pigeon poop is very acidic and can eat through paint, wood, and even your roof.

Even worse, pigeon feces can harbor many dangerous diseases that can get tracked into your home.

The bottom line is this: We at Got Pigeons consider Pigeons highly invasive pests that should be dealt with to prevent disease, sickness, and property damage.

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