The State Of Arizona Is Perfectly Fine With Pigeon Control

Some people have asked us about the treatment of pigeons. Specifically if creating landscape adjustments to keep them away is a humane treatment of these birds. We maintain that it is perfectly humane.

The state of Arizona (and most others) do not see pigeons as a protected species. This is because they are everywhere, all year long. The numbers are massive. In fact, they are a domesticated animal that can often be invasive. Mostly on homeowners and other property owners rooftops and windows.

The simple fact of the matter is that the pigeon population in America is so pervasive that they are essentially pests. Maybe you’ve heard the old term “Rats With Wings”?

By simply installing some access deterrence hardware you can prevent or even scare away any pigeons that choose to use your home as a nest. We of course recommend you have somebody do that for you since it can be dangerous work.

If you need to deter and get rid of pigeons on your property, please reach out to us at (623) 547-4618 Or Get an Estimate Here.

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