Pigeons Can Ruin Your HVAC

Of all the problems you can experience with your Air Conditioner, a Pigeon infestation is the last thing you need. They will make a serious mess of your outdoor unit. This will certainly shorten the useful life of your HVAC system and can even cause premature breakdowns.

Check out the some examples of this type of infestation from a recent job we did with a rooftop AC condenser unit…


Rooftop AC Pigeon Infestation

Rooftop AC Pigeon Nest
Rooftop AC Pigeon Mess
Rooftop AC Pigeon Droppings
Notice the large amount of nesting materials in the bottom of the unit. Also the compressor, lines, and other critical parts of the unit are just covered in bird poop.

This is really bad because all that nest garbage is severely restricting the airflow to the unit which can cause the compressor to completely fail. Pigeons are crafty and can make a home out of virtually anything. Unfortunately the birds homes are often in places that causes major issues.

We took care of this unit by getting rid of all the garbage, cleaning up the unit, and fixing the loose panel that let the birds in there in the first place.

If you run into a Pigeon problem on your property or business, give us a call and you’ll never see them again.

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