Keeping Pigeons Around Can Be A Serious Health Hazard


The headline to this post may come off as alarmist, but I can assure you it’s truly not. There are many documented cases of people becoming seriously ill from coming in contact with pigeon waste products that spread seriously dangerous diseases.


Sick Pigeon


Just last December a child in UK passed away from a disease spread in pigeon droppings known as Cryptococcus. It’s sad and unfortunate that this happened. I’m not sure exactly how this child contracted the disease, or if it could have been prevented in this particular case. However, I do know this disease is very easy to prevent by making sure pigeons don’t live near people or businesses.

The messes left behind by pigeons aren’t just gross or ugly, they are in fact a health hazard and should be treated as such. That’s exactly how I treat every job I’m on as I take extra care to get the mess thoroughly cleaned up.

If you have a pigeon infestation on your property you will want to get it taken care of as soon as possible. In the meantime, make sure you keep children and pets away from any pigeon poop or nesting materials you may come across.  Quite often they nest in eves, overhands, and windowsills and the mess they make will almost always find it’s way to the ground.

Taking care of pigeon problems is especially important for households with anyone that’s immuno-suppressed. That was exactly the case of the child that passed away back in December.


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