Holographic Bird Tape! What Next?

It isn’t always easy and sometimes we have to go the extra mile and even think outside of the box. Normally it’s a simple case of power washing and barricading and then the pigeons move on; if only it were always so. One recent client had been plagued by pigeons for years and for some reason had never done anything about it. Finally after living in a world of poop and feathers they decided to remedy their situation.

Naturally we answered their call and despite all our efforts the birds wouldn’t leave. Sure, they were no longer nesting on the roof and the mess was significantly decreased but the birds because of their nature refused to leave the roof. Not unlike salmon, pigeons have a very strong homing instinct and always return to their place of birth. Pigeon pairs mate for years and so their offspring expand exponentially causing the kind of distress our client was experiencing.

We’d power washed, barricaded, spiked, gelled, wire-lined and even installed an electronic device as well as some wind mobiles. We were winning but not completely. The thing that pushed us over the edge and led to eventual victory was prismatic reflection tape.

The holographic, iridescent tape tape when caught by the sun flashes and emits beautiful vibrant colors to the point where you would swear it was on fire. The hues and flashes are so brilliant that they scare the birds and distract them to the point that they won’t land. This was the final key and the ultimate fix. We guarantee our work and when we say we are going to get rid of your infestation we mean for good.

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We at GOT PIGEONS? use Holographic Bird Scare Ribbon to scare away many different pest birds from your home, boat, garden or rooftops. This, as we have found, is a proven deterrent. Bird ribbon can also be used to prevent birds from crashing into windows. It is very Durable – can stand up to wind, rain, snow and sun. Humane – birds are confused and deterred by flashing and shimmering holographic, iridescent ribbon. Non-toxic – Keep your garden, patio and other area chemical-free by using bird scare ribbon. How it works; The reflective properties of the holographic tape confuse birds who can’t understand if its moving or still, harmless or a threat. The shiny reflections bother their eyes and keep them away. Lay it across plants and shrubs, tie it to poles or rainspouts, nail or duct tape it to roofs, hang it to deter woodpeckers or lay it on fences or railings to prevent perching. The possibilities are endless. The slightest breeze will set it in motion and birds will stay away. We have discovered at GOT PIGEONS? that the Holographic Bird Scare Ribbon works on pigeons, sparrows, starlings, crows, blackbirds, grackles, seagulls, swallows, woodpeckers, ducks, geese and more.

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