Natural Methods of Pigeon Control

Sometimes “Nature” gets the job done itself. In some parts of the valley we have falcons that will hunt birds smaller than themselves for a meal. This is usually on the outer more desert parts of the valley like Desert Hills, New River, West Surprise, Waddell, and so on. Homes in these ares often don’t have issues with pigeon infestations like we see in the urban and suburban areas.

This is the reason we don’t get too many calls for these areas. Pigeons will perch up on roofs quite often, but they don’t necessarily set up a nest or live on those homes. Usually birds are resting and using the rooftop as a vantage point to watch out for predators that would hunt them.

In areas with a lot of open space, agriculture, or even surrounded with undeveloped desert land this is a common theme. Sure, there are pockets of developed homes where the birds have more of a safe haven, but infestations are still far less out there than in our more densely populated areas.

In more rural areas of the valley you’re more likely to find evidence of a struggle than you are to find a nest of pigeons on a home. It’s common for a Falcon, Vulture, or other bird of prey to see a pigeon on a rooftop or in a tree and pursue it for a meal.

They often end up in a tree as small birds will try to get away from a larger bird flying towards and trying to hide in the branches. Of course the bird of prey will pursue the smaller bird until it either catches them, or cannot gain access to them. If the large bird gets the pigeon, you will know it by a large pile of feathers on the ground and even some stuck up in the branches.

If you live in a more rural area in Maricopa County, you have likely seen this at least once on your property if you have lived out there for a period of time.

The thing to keep in mind of you are one of these homeowners is that the valley is experiencing an explosion of real estate development right now. Especially in the rural areas where there is room to develop out.

If you live in one of these areas and are seeing homes getting built near you, there’s a strong chance that pigeons will also migrate en masse to your neighborhood at some point. These birds favor urban and suburban environments due to the density of structures and the difficulty that predators have in pursuing them in these environments.

If you are seeing lots of development in your area and don’t have any pigeon proofing spikes or barriers installed in key location on your home, they will likely use your house and a nest. It’s never a bad idea to have your home “pigeon proofed”, even if you don’t yet have them.

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