Why You Should Keep Your Home or Business Pigeon Free Even If They Don’t Bother You

Sometimes a homeowner or business will have a pigeon infestation but simply choose not to do anything about it.

There could be many reasons for this. Maybe the birds aren’t actually bothering anyone. It could be that the mess they make isn’t visible or noticed. The building may have good insulation and the occupants don’t hear them scurrying about. There are many reasons why a pigeon infestation would be ignored.

Here’s the thing though: this is truly a very, very bad idea.

Somebody could have pigeons on their property and since they aren’t bothered by it they ignore it and carry on. The problem with this is the nature of pigeons themselves.

Pigeons are NOT clean animals by any stretch. Sure, they bath themselves and try to keep physically clean, but this is not what I’m talking about here. These birds often carry disease that does not effect them directly, but can transmit to humans and are very bad.

The diseases and parasites they can carry are found in their droppings. Once pigeon poop dries out, it forms a layer of “dust” that can easily be picked up by the wind.

Pigeon droppings transfer across species very easily. A pet could walk through just a small bit of dried up poop with a sample Psittacosis. Then if somebody inhales that, disease transferred. It’s also very easy for a human to inhale particles from pigeon feces and pick up any number of diseases that way.

Not only is this very risky for the occupants of a residence, but it can be a huge liability for a business owner as well. If a customer of the business ends up getting sick from pigeon waste on that property, the business could be liable for damages.


The bottom line here is that if anyone has a pigeon infestation on their property, whether it’s a home or business, that infestation needs to be dealt with. It’s quite literally a public and personal health issue. Stay safe out there!

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