BB Guns Won’t Solve Your Pigeon Problem

I get it. Shooting a bunch of annoying birds off your roof seems like a logical, simple idea. It will certainly get rid of the one you manage to hit before the rest fly away, if you manage to hit it.

Even if you manage to eventually pick off the entire flock that’s residing on your roof, all you’ve really done is create a nice vacancy for the next family of birds to come along and start nesting.

Additionally, every city has it’s own statutes and regulations on how and where you can use a pellet / bb gun on your residence. The State and Federal Government also have their own set of rules for what you can and can’t kill, where, and when. Have fun navigating all that!

It also doesn’t seem like a wise idea to be shooting bb’s and pellets at your own home! You could hit and break a window, or do some other type of property damage to your home. There’s also the risk of hitting something else you don’t mean too, like small animals or even people you may not see on the other side of your home. If you miss the target, the projectile has to go somewhere and could really hit anything within a certain range. Not a good idea.

So in summary, you could do damage to your home, possibly be breaking the law, and you’re just going to keep getting more birds.

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