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Would you ask your mechanic to fill your tooth, your doctor to repair your car or your gardener to fix the electrics in your garage. Unless they showed a sound knowledge of any of these tasks then the answer is obviously no. Why then, do people believe that anybody can fix their pigeon problem? Got Pigeons has been in business for over ten years. During this time we have accrued the knowledge, the acumen and expertise to resolve your issue first time, every time. We offer warranties, top of the line materials and a professional installation that we  back to the hilt with our good name. That being said, some customers have to find out the hard way.

This job brings you into contact with situations both good and bad. This was a particularly bad experience. The people in this home have been here for 9 years and so have the pigeons. 

Who ever did the initial pigeon proofing inadvertently created a giant cage where the birds could breed and nest. As incredible as it may seem the top part of the barricading – as you can see in the photos – is literally full. That’s nine years worth of bird droppings that had to be removed. Needless to say that after donning the necessary protective gear we were able to remedy what was a particularly bad infestation. If you have a problem don’t just call just anyone, call us. Got Pigeons ? For all your pigeon prevention and removal needs.

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