Another Successful Pigeon Removal Job

This home had a bad infestation with a large disgusting mess. We got up there, cleaned it up and made sure they don’t call this roof home ever again. We had to get creative with this house though. They had a pigeon infestation for about 5 years with some massive poop piles on the roof. With an infestation this bad, sometimes it’s harder to convince the birds to fly off.

In this case we used holographic scare tape and mobiles to spook the birds. We also installed pigeon spikes in the window sills and some of the roof tiles to keep them from perching. We even used some sticky gel to keep them from landing on the parts of the roof that gravitate towards.

Scare Tape & Mobiles

Holographic Scare Tape

Anti Bird Spikes on the Window Sills

Anti Bird Spikes

Anti Bird Gen and Spikes on the Roof

Anti Bird Gel


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