Got Pigeons? Or Maybe You Actually Don’t?

So maybe you’re one of the lucky ones in the neighborhood who don’t have a flock of pigeons living on your roof and getting pigeon droppings all over the place. That’s good!

Quite often when we do help someone with pigeons on their home, we scare them off by making it so it’s impossible for them to live there anymore. Then what often happens is they fly over to a neighbors house next door or down the street and sets up a new home there.

If you don’t have pigeons and never have, you probably don’t have a home that’s friendly to them. However, if you do sometimes notice a pigeon or two on your roof or in a window sill, you run the risk of more coming along. Especially if any of your neighbors take measure to get rid of an infestation.

If you have window sills that birds could perch on, or overhangs that are accessible, you might want to consider getting bird spikes and netting installed before a problem comes up. You can even get an anti pigeon wire installed on your roof ridge caps to keep them from even landing on your roof.

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