Have You Seen The GotPigeons Truck On Your Street Lately?

If you have seen our truck recently that means somebody in your neighborhood just hired us to get a pigeon problem under control.

What does that mean? We just created homeless pigeons. That’s not going to last though. They always take off looking for a better target. Also, they are really lazy. If the next door neighbors house looks good, why go any further? They won’t.

Anything that gives pigeons a good view, and a flat surface to create a nest so their eggs don’t roll away will do for them. Pigeons aren’t picky about where they choose to live, the bar is pretty low there.

All we’re saying here is that pigeons aren’t going anywhere and people are taking measures all the time to ensure their properties are free of pests, rodents, and birds that leave droppings everywhere. This means if they haven’t found your home yet, chances are they will at some point.

It’s a good idea to think about bird proofing your home if haven’t already. If you need to get rid of pigeons on your property now or you want to prevent it from happening, please call us at (623) 547-4618 or Get an Estimate Here.

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