Protecting Your Plants & Trees From Pigeons

Here at Got Pigeons we’re all about protecting your home and other buildings from Pigeon infestations and getting existing infestations under control.

However, sometimes pigeons and other birds might cause harm to other parts of your property other than your house. Pigeons typically don’t nest in trees like other bird species, but they will go for tree fruit and gardens as well.

If you have fruit trees, a garden, or even some herbs and spices planted; these are all targets for hungry birds to ravage. Of course, having a food source for birds on your property is incentive for them to find a place to nest on your property as well. This means you should take measures to make it hard, if not impossible for Pigeons and other birds to eat anything you might be growing on your property.

For this type of pigeon control we recommend holographic scare tape. This is relatively inexpensive and really does freak birds out. They hate this stuff! It moves with just a slight breeze and creates all kinds of confusing and startling visuals for birds. They typically perceive this as a threat and usually won’t go anywhere near it.

The good news is that you can attach holographic tape to your trees, plants, and structures around your garden to scare them from wanting to interact with your landscape in the first place.

This has the added bonus of letting birds know your property is not a good source of food and will likely have them looking elsewhere for food and shelter.

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