Pigeons Are Basically Hobos

Homeless Pigeons

So maybe not the traditional Great Depression nomadic hobos, but they will go anywhere, live anywhere, and eat anywhere they can find food.

This is why when you go to a grocery store, big box store, or any public building you will often find pigeons. Usually you will see other birds hanging out and eating with them, but most of the birds will almost always be pigeons.

When you don’t see any birds hanging out at a public place, it’s usually for the same 3 reasons:

  • They have nowhere to perch up due to anti bird measures such as spikes, wires, and nets preventing them from gaining access.
  • No food sources nearby.
  • No access to water nearby.

They will only stay at a location that has somewhere safe for them to nest, or food, or water. If any one of these things are present, you can expect pigeons or possibly even large groups of pigeons.

They don’t care if it’s a business location, a residential home, abandoned building, school, apartment complex, or the matrix. It doesn’t matter. They will live anywhere!

The key to preventing and even getting rid of them is simple. First make sure there are no food or water sources available to them on the property. Then, block access to anywhere they may be perching or nesting. First make sure you clean out any mess they made as that can attract more birds.

This type of job is usually best left to professionals since the birds can often attack and destroy hardware put in place to keep them out. We at Got Pigeons are experts at thorough cleanup and installing hardware in a way that pigeons don’t have a chance at getting through.

Whether you are a homeowner or property owner of any kind, we have the expertise to get rid of any pigeon issues you may have; permanently. To learn more, please call us at (623) 547-4618 or Get an Estimate Here.

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