4 Easy Things You Can Do To Help Prevent Pigeons from Living On Your Property

Pigeons are intelligent and stubborn, but their behavior is easy to understand. By knowing what motivates them, you can get rid of them.

Here’s 4 easy things you can do to make it a lot less habitable for pigeons that might be on your property…

Put Your Pet Food Away



If you have food and water for your pets outside make sure you bring it in overnight at a minimum.

The best thing to do is not have any pet food or water outside at all. Pigeons and other critters will most certainly take advantage of the opportunity to eat anything you leave out for them. This will make it really easy for pigeons to get something to eat and incentivize them to keep residence on your property.


Get Rid of Bird Feeders



We know people love the beautiful variety of birds that can be attracted with bird feeders. However, they also attract pigeons and other rodents as well.

The best policy is to remove any kind of bird or animal feeding device from your property. This not only prevents pigeons, but can prevent rats, raccoons, and other undesirable critters. Always remember that any kind of unwanted pest is there because there is a food source somewhere on your property.

Bird feeders, dog food, cat food, whatever; try to get rid of any outside food sources that could attract pigeons.


Remove Water Sources



Just like having food sources, having sources of water on your property will attract pigeons and other undesirables.

If you have a bird bath, consider keeping it empty to prevent pigeons from hanging out. Also make sure not to leave out children’s plastic pools when not in use. A good rule of thumb is to make sure there’s really no standing water anywhere on your property.

As a bonus, making sure you don’t have standing water will also cut down on the mosquito population as well.


Keep All Garbage Picked Up & Trash Containers Secured



Trash can be a good source of food for pigeons so make sure keep your trash containers covered and the garbage picked up.

Something else to consider is that even if there’s no food or organic waste in the trash, it will still attract birds. Your garbage is often seen as quality building materials to not just pigeons, but many other species of bird. They will build nests on your property with your garbage and anything else they can find.

Keeping all waste picked up will eliminate another potential food source and make the birds have to look harder for nest building materials. Also, who wants a bunch of trash laying around anyway?



The idea here is really to make it as difficult as possible for pigeons and birds to comfortably live on your property. Removing sources of food and water and nesting materials is easy to do and will go a long way towards reducing the amount of overall pests you have on your property. Birds, insects, rodents and so forth are really just participating in the circle of life. Eliminate food and water and the critters will look elsewhere.

Of course if you take all these steps and still have birds living on your property and making a mess of things, just get in touch with us at Got Pigeons and we can help you remove any pigeon infestation for good.


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